How To Increase Leads With Roofing SEO

Today, the business landscape looks completely different from what it looked like a decade ago. In the past, all you needed to do to get your business off the ground was to begin, take out an ad in the local paper and wait for the clients to start rolling in.

But thanks to the internet, user behavior has changed completely. For the most part, the influence of print paper on user behavior has reduced drastically and your customers are looking to new channels for answers to their problems. And while you might have the basics figured out like having a website and social media pages set up for your business, are these channels optimized to ensure that all potential leads are being fed directly to your busines for your consideration?

So how can a roofing company engage today’s technology to stay ahead and get new business? A great way to begin is to engage SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it simply means creating the means to ensure that whenever specific terms are searched for online, your business or the content you create for your business pop up.

All businesses need SEO and your roofing business is no different. Roofing SEO is simply SEO for roofing companies for the purpose of increasing sales for your business. Before we begin, let us consider a potential consumer journey. For the sake of this journey, our user is Dylan, a 25-year-old software engineer that lives with his girlfriend.

  • Awareness: Your customer becomes aware ofa need within his apartment. Maybe a burst pipe is leaking from his roof.
  • Search: Unlike the past, today your customer simply needs to input a search in his phone for ‘leak in my roof’ on Google or any other search engine.
  • Consideration: After that search, a bunch of results will pop up and Dylan has the chanceto read more about the problem. He will review a couple of blog posts looking to gather information about what could be wrong with his
  • Seeking Validation: To validate hissearch results, Dylan reaches out to his friends in his immediate community or send out a tweet or a post on Facebook seeking further clarity on what he read online.
  • Engagement: At this point, Dylanhas begun to form a hypothesis on what could be wrong with his roof and what might be needed to fix it. For him, the next step is to establish contact with a roofing company and understand what their process is.
  • Engagement:Dylan runs another search for ‘roofers near me’ or ‘someone to help me fix leak in my roof + his location’. This is his first engagement point with potential roofers and how he will make his decision. Once he finds a roofer that fits his preferences and has great user reviews, he reaches out to make first contact.
  • Engagement: Once contact has been made, a price has been agreed and the necessary contracts have been signed. The work is done and completed and the customer is left satisfied without any questions.
  • Post-Purchase Relationship: To deepen the relationship between the customer and your business, you can ask for a review on social media or on your google my business page.

Subsequently the customer signs up for newsletters and follows all your social media handles ensuring that should another need occur, you have an existing relationship that can be taken advantage of.

Now you know why you need to pay more focus to developing your roofing SEO but how do you go about it? We have complied a list showing how to turn your company to a roofing SEO company.

How to generate more leads and business with roofing SEO

1. Develop a great website!

Your website is the first-place potential leads will be directed to after coming across your business online. According to this study done by Stanford researchers, 75% of users will consider your credibility solely on the design of your website. Having a great website will not only increase your credibility, it gives you a unique edge over competition.
  • Watch out for speed: When developing a website, it is important to pay attention to the speed at which it loads. Because of the speed at which information is readily available, today’s users expect websites to load within few seconds and the longer it takes, the more agitated a user gets leading to a reduction in conversion.
  • Design for Mobile: Having a mobile first website in today’s world isn’t a luxury, it is a necessity. More than 50% of the users on the internet today use a phone and that number is expected to rise in the near future. Designing a beautiful and easily accessible on mobile website can be the difference between converting a lead or losing it.
  • Secure your Website: Now you have a beautiful, mobile-friendly website for your users but is it secure? Today fraudsters are always on the lookout for unsecured sites to hack into and enabling HTTPS on your site gives users that extra level of guarantee that you have their interests at heart. Having that extra security also happens to boost your rankings on Google.

2. Develop better local SEO

A mistake many small businesses make is shoring up their SEO practices for the global market but neglecting their immediate environment. Local SEO for roofers would lead to an uptick in leads from your immediate community.

Local SEO works to place you in the Local Pack also known as maps listing on Google. When a query within your area comes up with your keywords, the local SEO puts your company up within the results.

There are two parts to local SEO

  •  NAP Citations:

NAP stands for name, address and phone number and in order to place you in a higher location within a specific region, search engines need to know where you are. You can do this through consistent NAP citations across multiple directories. It is necessary that directories like Yelp, Facebook have the same information because the more directories that contain your information, the better your local SEO gets.

  •  Reputation management and review generation:

Search engines are in the business of providing the best results to the questions of their users. When a query is inputted by a user, they scour the internet for reviews and proffer answer based on the reviews it goes through. This is why it is important to solicit positive reviews from clients when the work is done to help you rank higher.

3.Outrank your competition:

Today information is pulled from the numerous algorithms that power the search engines that billions of users around the world use to power their quest for information. In the 80s, 90s and in fact early stages of the internet, whenever a user required a roofer, all that was required was a trip to the yellow pages or asking your neighbors or family for recommendations. Today, they just search their problems and location into the search engine. This is what makes search engine optimization so important – getting in front of your customers right where they are.

SEO refers to structuring your website structure, layout and content in a way that the algorithms that power the search engines will understand and recommend more to more people. The higher a search engine likes your website, the higher it will rank.

How you Outrank the competition: SEO Pillars to consider

  • Improve your website structure and code:

Website structure is a huge part of what search engines take into account when ranking websites. The engines also take into account other factors like the speed at which a site loads, usability and a general support for sites that offer a simple and efficient browsing experience for the users. These are some of the reasons why mobile-responsiveness and site security amongst other accessibility issues add more SEO value to your roofing site.

You can also apply this logic when considering how your website’s internal linking structure should be set up. Most SEO crawlers are set up to use the links on your website as a reference point to determine the relationship of one page to another and how relevant that page would be to another topic. A successful linking strategy is one that is able to support efficient web structure optimizing it for more visibility in the search results.

  • Content on your website:

Setting up the right structure around your website is just the first pillar to consider when attempting to set up your roofing website for SEO success. Ensuring the quality of content on your website meets a high standard is essential to SEO growth.  Here are six core factors search engines look out for:

  • Quality: Are you providing quality information to your users?
  • Keywords: Does your content contain the necessary target words and phrases
  • Freshness: Does your content resonate with the needs of the user today?
  • Multimedia: Fill your content with audio, video and images. Describe them properly with alt tags so the system can parse them appropriately.
  • Answers: Build your content to answer questions that the customers in your industry are asking. The more specific you can get with the questions, the better your chances of getting identified by the engines.
  • Depth: By producing detailed content that actually adds value to the customer, you are inadvertently setting yourself up to have better reach than broad overviews. Take the time to go deeper.

Irrespective of the nature of your page, all website content should test for these factors in order to get the best rest on search engines.

  • Offsite factors:

Your final rank is not solely the result of your website’s content or webpage structure, the algorithms that power these sites also take into account intangibles like user perception of your company and its website. They do this by combing the internet for reviews, comments culled from social media, backlinks and use all that information to determine how popular your website might be. They also determine your authority, relevance, trustworthiness and these all indicate to these search engines that your website is reputable and deserving of a higher spot within the search result rankings.

4. Spend more time creating content

You have heard that the customer is king but in today’s world, content is king as well. With an effective content strategy, you can use content to generate leads. By churning out content relevant to users, you can increase the traffic of your website, boost your SEO and situate your business as the go to for all roofing activities.

You have heard that the customer is king but in today’s world, content is king as well. With an effective content strategy, you can use content to generate leads. By churning out content relevant to users, you can increase the traffic of your website, boost your SEO and situate your business as the go to for all roofing activities.

5.Optimize your visibility by using ads

  •  Local Service ads

With SEO, there are a million and one techniques that you can utilize to rank at #1 and sometimes keeping an eye on everything can be a lot. This is why you should look to supplement your organic SEO techniques with Google’s Local Service ads.

These ads show up in the form of a small window situated at the top of search results when a localized service search is done by a user. LSA’s are not to be confused with pay per click adverts because LSAs were designed to ensure quick action ensuring your users have access to your number, your email and other essential information needed to make a quick and informed decision.

  • Pay per click ads

Pay per click ads also known as PPC ads are a very common form of advertising on google. Unlike normal ads that require a flat fee, with PPC you are only charged when a user clicks on your ad hence the name pay per click.

Types of PPC ads

– Search ads: With this type of ads, you feature at the top of the search results when specific keywords are searched for.

– Display ads: Display ads work by featuring your adverts across all partner websites of the provider you are working with. These ads are helpful because it allows you to show your ads on sites related to your business.

6. Build a strong social media presence:

Today, communication around the world is led by social media and your business should not be exempt from that too. It is a powerful and affordable way of developing new business for your company and it can be used to deepen the bonds you have with your customers by showing off the personality of your company.

Start by identifying your voice. Each person is unique from the next person and in extension, your company is unique from the next company. Identify your unique selling point and your voice and take time to develop content pertaining to those two. This will not only help you reach new leads; it will also help you develop long lasting relationships with your customers even after your services have been engaged.

7. Actively seek out reviews from your users:

Consider reviews as today’s version of your neighbor giving you his/her roofing expert’s contact details. User reviews are a great way to boost your site’s SEO and an even better way of generating leads. Customers want to know you are good at what you do and you wouldn’t leave their roof worse than you met it or leave a messy workplace behind. The more positive reviews you manage to generate on your site, the easier it will be to convert a prospective lead into a client.

A great way to generate leads is to attach a form to the check-out section of your site. Keep it light and simple and you can use a ranking system to ask your customers how they felt about the various areas of your service.

8. Develop a mailing list

Your mailing list is your cheat sheet. These are people who have provided you with a crucial part of their personal information – their emails! With these, you can build a funnel that takes information from you to your users on a regular basis keeping you at the top of their minds at all times. For example, a lead comes to your website and subscribes to your mailing list. By sending such person quality and non spammy mails, you are placing yourself in the best possible position to ensure that should that person ever need a roofer, your company will be at their top of mind.

Or we can consider a previous customer. By creating an active means of communication between the both of you, you will continue to remain their first pick for any roofing needs they might have.

Developing a strategy for your roofing SEO company will not be done in a day or a week. A continual application to ensuring your business gets the best representation online will begin to bear fruits and with time the leads and new clients will begin to pour in.